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Downstream and WEW Present: The Pressure of Making Money

  • Summit Credit Union 10015 W Greenfield Ave Milwaukee, WI 53214 (map)

Downstream events are a unique experience for growth-minded business owners, where you are part of the solution! Participants come to gain insight and leave with a new mindset, practical action steps and creative ideas to produce growth in their business and themselves.

Our Downstream Business Community believes that we all face many of the same challenges as we flow toward larger waters. After all, we are all in the same boat!

The Pressure of Making Money

When money is flowing, how does it affect your life and business? What about when the money isn’t there? The pressure we face around money can sometimes trump the passion and excitement we have for our work. When revenue is low, does your self-worth take a hit?

Do you feel there is a direct correlation between your passion and the money that you receive? Let's find ways to release the pressure and open the flow of receiving.

In this collaborative discussion, you will see how the pressure of needing to make money affects your ability to make money. Make new choices and create a fresh mindset that delivers!

You'll see why participants of Downstream feel part of something and start their day feeling energized and committed to taking inspired action!


  • Coffee, water and treats will be provided

  • Come at 8:30 to check in and have time to network with other participants


  • Sarah Schwab, Content Creation Coach

  • Dave Rebro, Technology Therapist

  • Jill Borsos, Transformation Personal/Business Coach & Speaker

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