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Women Entrepreneurs: Learn to Cease, Desist, Contain the Toxicity and Mark Boundaries

  • Cloud Red Shorewood, WI 53211 (map)

What is a woman entrepreneur to do when she experiences a #MeToo moment, or a prelude up to one? How does she navigate the aftermath of the unsolicited action? As a women launching or running a small business, there is no mandatory Ethics training where the rules are spelled out and no Human Resource department to help her out. What steps can a women entrepreneur take as her perpetrator enters the “Lies + Blaming the Victim” phase - building up his front in his inner circle while slandering her name, her business, and her status in the community? How can innocent bystanders, including men, help?

Come and discuss how Milwaukee can create a structure with incentives that protect women business owners witih insight from the Doyenne Group in Madison where they have faced these hurdles before. From understanding #MeToo, to helping men support women who undergo harassment, come and help clarify what the social norms are and establish clear ground rules for the entrepreneurial communities in the area. As Wisconsin aims to have women entrepreneurs disrupt markets, we are vested in your success. Let’s come together to learn how to cease, desist, contain the toxicity and mark the boundaries.

Information used in this session is based on proven research done by Tanya Menon, an award winning PhD in Management and Human Resources. Let’s build our group of compassionate supporters of women business owners to shape the correct behavior and the ground rules.